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BENZ & BMW 內鍊滑板插銷拔卸器

•   It can remove the most stubborn pins from the cylinder head. This puller incorporates a thrust bearing to ease the pulling action.   •   The overall length is 85 mm, which long enough to reach the problem areas.   •   This alloy steel heat treated tool has already been tested in shops and has proven to be the best solution.   •   Application: BENZ model M102, M110, M115, M116, M117, M130, OM601, OM602, OM 603, OM 615, OM616 & OM617.   •   Screw specification:

M8 x P1.25 x M6 x P1.0 x 1 PCS

M8 x P1.25 x 30 mm x 1 PCS