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4 PCS BENZ 油尺組

• Checking engine oil level


1.Operating engine oil warm and vehicle on a flat surface.


2.Stop the engine and wait a short time (about 3 minutes).


3.Pull the standard built-in plug out of the dip tube.


4.Push dipstick in the dipstick tube until the tip of the measuring rod on the Oil tank bottom encounters. It may be that the dipstick handle not encounters to the Measuring tube.


5.Pull out the dipstick from the tube and check the oil level on the dipstick.


6.Oil level can now checked and compared with the table or to the manufacturer’s information and oil can be filled, if necessary.


7.The measuring tube is then sealed with the original plug, sometimes the safety pin must renew.


• Important! 

If the measuring tube can not be closed properly.