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• Injection nozzle puller tool for removing damaged diesel injectors. A special window socket with an inside diameter of Ø 29 mm to help remove the injector from the cylinder head and a ball bearing insert for positioning the threaded shaft are included in this set. The injector can be pulled out with a high power transmission by using the feed shaft and the supporting cylinder.


• The kit includes a special external hex nut (width across flat 29 mm) and a 1/2″ square drive. It is opened on the side for facilitating dismantling the nozzle head from the injection nozzle, for CDI engines OM 611, 612, 613. For further opening the nozzle there is a hex key socket with 10 mm internal hex, a bore of Ø 7.5 mm and a 1/2″ square drive (alternatively 21 mm external hex ).