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• This tool can be used for confirm tension on the engine belt of cars.


• Simply to check the belt for proper tension.


• Application: all common types of engine belt. Including timing、ribbed、tooth and V-belt.


• Test procedure :


1.Be sure the engine is turned off.

2.Watch out the high temperature of engine. Wear the gloves to protect your hands. When you reinstall the engine belt and tight it or just check.

3.Put the tester on appropriate position of the engine belt.

4.One hand holds the tester body. Another hand rotates handle until end contacts the surface of belt.

5.Now looks the beginning point of gauge then slowly rotates handle down and down. The belt will be tighten more and more until the belt be pushed down 5mm to 10mm. Please refer to service manual.

6.Check the belt tension again and adjust it if needed.

7.After make sure the belt tension. Release the handle and take away tester from belt.

8.Finally, in most cases and on most vehicles, belt tension should be checked every service.