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DOUBLE FLEXIBLE RATCHET FLARE NUT WRENCH (10 x 12 / 13 x 14 / 15 x 17 mm) (3 PCS)

•   This product is upgraded version of a traditional long pipe wrench which becomes a ratchet pipe wrench that can be used in the brake line, and the small space such as small-angle ABS, EBD, EBC, ESP, etc. In active safety technology.


•   The head of this wrench can rotate 180 degrees.


•   Color marking buckles, red is forward, black is reversal.


•   Car: This size is a common size, or to be in accordance with the various types of vehicles.


•   The size of brake systems: 8/10/11/12; The fuel lines with the size: 13/14/15/17


•   Mid-size species, large vehicles will become larger.