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•   This clutch secures the chain link in place to reduce the risk of chain deformation due to its design.


•   Hooks are designed for using with Grade 80 alloy chain.


•   The hook is not easy to loosen chain due to its feature.


•   To shorten or grapple long chain.


•   Pass the Chain through the groove to prevent from disengaging.


•   The design of clevis opening is to match the right chain size which can prevent from using the wrong chain, and to save the connecting link for alloy chain.


•   Capacity, PASAK and WLL embossed on the products.


•   Construction:Heat treatment and high temperature treatment (Quenched and Tempered)


•   Safety Factor:4 : 1


•   About A3060 and B3060:

Item No. W.L.L Size
Ton mm inch
A3060 2.0 7-8 5 / 16″
B3060 3..2 10 3 / 8″