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Item No. Name Specification Q’ty
B1391-A Body L500mm x H49mm x W60mm 1
B1391-A-1 Set Bolt M8xP1.25 1
B1391-B Nut TM30x6 Thread 1
B1391-C Bolt TM30x6 Threadx350mm/L 1
B1391-C-1 Steel Ball Ø17.5mm 1
B1391-C-2 Central Tip Ø23×35.8mm/L 1
B1391-D Bolt M22xP2.5&M22xP1.5x340mm/L 2
B1391-E Nut M22xP2.5(H36) 4


Item No. Name Specification Q’ty
B1391-6 Pressure Plate – Small DØ95mm x d65mm x T30mm 1
B1391-7 Pressure Plate – Large DØ110mm x d85mm x T30mm 1
B1391-8 Thread Adaptor 7/8” – W11 2
B1391-9 Pressure Plate DØ90mmx dØ62.7x T30mm 1
B1391-10 Adaptor M18/M20/M22/ 7/8” 2
B1391-11 Adaptor M24/M30 2


•   Variable for bolt diameter from110 mmC.D to 448mm P.C.D.


•   Master wheel hub extractor for Japanese trucks (Fuso, Hino…) and European trucks such as SCANIA & Sauer & BPW.


•   Save time and labor!