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No. Description Specification Q’ty Remark
1 Valve compressing central pushing rod Tr22xP3.0 1
2 Hexagon steel screw M8xP1.25x25L 1
3 Valve compressing upper base D:ψ92 1 d:ψ21
4 Bearing Bearing no.:51105 1
5 Rotating handle D:ψ44 1 d:Tr22xP3.0
6 Adapter M12xP1.5, M8xP1.25 1 H21
7 Screw M8xP1.25, 35L 1
8 Nut M12xP1.5 1
9 Slider hammer central rod M12xP1.5 1
10 Slider hammer upper base D:ψ 1, d:ψ M12xP1.5, M6xP1.0 1
11 Slider hammer handle D:ψ7/16”x114L 1
12 Hammer D:ψ50x93L 1 d:ψ13

•   Operation:

Step 1: Place the cylinder head on a flat and clean surface. Make sure that the cylinder head is not scratched when the valves are removed.

Step 2: Install press tool in the unit injector hole. Screw the tool in the unit injector retainer screw hole.

Step 3: Place the tool’s moving part above the valve spring to be removed. Turn down the tool’s “wing nut” until the valve disc has been pressed down and the valve collets can be removed.

     Notice: Place valves and springs in a marked rack to facilitate reinstallation at the same place in the cylinder head.

Step 4: Remove remaining valves the same way as above.

Step 5: Remove the oil seals from the valve guides.


•   Application: DAF (CF 85) (Euro 4/5)


•   Engine code :410/ 460


•   Engine code :410/ 460