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•   Special tool for safe, quick, labor-saving removal of the CV joint for most car models. (With this tool, there is no need wasting time and labor on hammering the CV joint for removal.) 


•   Smaller size with higher rigidity than the others in the market which allows using this tool in a narrower space.


•   Single-side design allows the installation of clamp more easily, and directly.


•   A washer is included for using with the original CV joint nut.


•   Instead of original CV joint nut, there are 4 types of optional nut for better operation.


•   Suitable for both conventional and new-type CV joint removal.



No. Description Dimensions Q’ty Remark
1 Main Body 60X253X151.5 1  
2 Clamp 38X19X116 1  
3 Guiding socket (Extra Long) φ45Xφ27.5X52L 1  
4 Guiding socket φ45Xφ16.5X30L 1  
5 Guiding socket φ45Xφ27.5X30L 1  
6 Guiding socket φ45Xφ32.5X30L 1  
7 Washer φ54Xφ30X4L 1  
8 Hexagon Nut M20 x P1.5 1  
9 Hexagon Nut M22 x P1.5 1  
10 Hexagon Nut M24 x P1.5 1  
11 Hexagon Nut M27 x P1.5 1