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氣動/油壓幫浦 (不含管) 6.2-6.8 BAR AIR PRESSURE / PUMP230-245 BAR

•   Intended use:

•   For automotive / truck, industrial & construction jobs.

•   The added convenience of an air motor reduces pumping time and effort to

     activate cylinders.


•   Features

•   Designed to utilize exhaust air to help power the pump, requiring only 80 p.s.i. air           pressure to develop 10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pressure.

•   Air exhaust muffler for quieter operation.

•   Air and oil inlet filters for reduced risk of damage from contamination.

•   Designed with durable light weight, corrosion resistant plastics.

•   Foot pedal provides hands free pumping and release of load.

•   Designed to be used with a single-acting cylinder.

•   Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection.

•   Equipped with a more durable aluminum reservoir.

•   Comes with two different size poppit valves that can be quickly and easily installed.      Poppit valves reduce the return flow of oil back to the pump’s reservoir providing a        safer controlled lowering of load.