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•   To hold drive pinion flange whilst removing/replacing pinion nut. To remove/replace the crankshaft damper. To hold flange whilst removing/replacing flange nut. To hold flange to undo pinion nut. To hold driveshaft flange whilst removing/replacing retaining nut. To hold crankshaft pulley whilst removing/replacing crankshaft bolt. To hold pinion flange whilst removing/installing flange retaining nut. To retain extension housing flange during flange nut removal/replacement. To retain drive flange during pinion nut removal/installation. To retain output flange during removal/replacement of the retaining nut.


•   Application:

Jaguar Model:

X100 – XK Series, X150 – XK, X150 – XK (10MY), X200 – S-TYPE, X250 – XF (10MY), X300 – XJ Sedan, X308 – V8 XJ series, X350 – XJ, X351 – XJ (10MY), X400 – X-TYPE


(205) Driveline, (303) Engine, (307) Automatic Transmission

Component Group:

4-Cyl Diesel, Driveshaft, Rear, Rear Drive Axle / Differential, Rear Drive Axle/Differential, ZF6HP, ZF6HP28

•   OEM No.ref:205-053