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TOYOTA瑞獅/DAF方向機主機球頭拔卸器(32 mm)

•   For the removal of the track rod end from the drag link.


•   On car maintenance.


•   Best tool for removal light truck ball joint.


•   Easy to use. Save time and money.


•   Application:

TOYOTA ZACE commercial and DAF wagon 


•   Technical information

•  Make sure the propeller shaft dimension or specification is correct while installing.

•  Pay attention to propeller shaft removal and installation. No impact, crack, and

   damage are allowed.

•  The ball-joint may suddenly break up from the tie-rod end, so the nut and bolt must      have at least 4 to 5 teeth installed, otherwise it may cause casualties.

•  Use a hammer to hit the punch nut on the tool in order to separate the ball-joint.