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•   Safety Warning

Read all instructions and safety warnings prior to operation. Failure to do so could result in equipment damage, personal injury or even death.


•   NOTE: hammering this tool will void your warranty.

  1. Remove all fasteners from bearing cups.
  2. Slip the U-Joint Puller over the yoke of the drive line.
  3. Turn the tool’s forcing screw clockwise with up to a 1″ impact wrench.


•   Note: Reverse threads, bottoming out forcing screw on frame may cause unwarrantable damage to threads.

Provides ultimate brute strength for disassembling even the most seized u-joints in minutes on virtually all Class 7 and 8 trucks and machinery.

Eliminates dangerous vice-and-socket or hammering methods

Reduces the risk of damage to driveshaft, yokes, joints or bearing cups

Engineered for use with a 1” impact tool

under even the most extreme conditions, commonly found in seized u-joints on class 7 and 8 trucks.


•   Application

U-Joints with bearing cups 1.5″ to 2.2″ O.D.

Spicer 1610, 1710, 1760, 1810, 1880 Series

Spicer SPL 140, 170, & 250 Life Series

Meritor (Rockwell) 16N, 17N, 18N, 1710 Series

Meritor RPL 20, 25 Permalube Series