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HONDA 燃油濾清器鎖附螺帽拆裝工具

•   Firstly, check the model and year of the car.


•   Loosen butterfly screws, and then follow the scale form to position the fixing legs to fit the lock ring.


•   Loosen and tighten the butterfly screws only by hand.

    (Do not use tool to adjust butterfly screws)


•   Use 1/2” square drive tool to turn .The torque turning force is 120 Nm.

※ It may cause spare part or this tool damaged if you do not follow the scale position when repair.


Scale position 1 2 3
Application After 2006 CIVIC

After 2011 CRZ

After 2012 CIVIC

Lock ring: Ø170mm

After 2013 SUPER-CRV

After 2013 ACCORD

Lock ring: Ø155mm

After 2007 CRV

After 2008 ACCORD

After 2009 FIT

Lock ring: Ø138mm