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•  Functions

On/off: Press<on> button once to turn on. Press button an additional time to turn off.

Zero Setting: Press <zero> function button.

Change Measuring Standard: Press<mm/in> function button.

Absolute/Incremental: Press <abs> button, to return to zero function press button again.

•  Technical Data

Measuring Range: 0-6”/150mm

Resolution: 0.0005”/0.01mm

Accuracy: 6”/150mm:±0.001”/±0.02mm


Repeatability: 0.0005”/0.01mm

Measuring system: Capacitive

Display: LCD (10.0 mm high)

Maximum Measuring Speed: 120” per second

Battery: 3V, type CR2032 Lithium

Battery life: Approx. 1 year

Operational Temperature Range: 0℃ to+ 40℃

Maximum Relative Humidity: 80%

•  Battery Replacement

Once Display beings flashing: 

Slide off the battery cover and rubber gasket, and then remove the battery by gently tapping the instrument in your hand. (Never try to face or pry the battery out). Insert the new battery with the positive.

pole”+” facing upwards and replace the gasket and cover.

Please dispose of used batteries at a proper collection center.


          Clean the caliper with a soft cloth DO NOT use any type of solvent. DO NOT immerse in liquid.

In case of water/coolant splash:

The electronic unit for this instrument is water resistant. In case of liquid splash, the display may possibly fail. Wipe off the liquid, be sure the liquid between the slider and beam is completely dried.

Then rest the instrument.

Troubleshooting Chart


Digits do not change or count correctly

No Display


Corrective Action:

Remove the battery for 30 seconds then reinstall.

Check battery contacts or replace battery.


RESET: In order to RESET the instrument, remove the battery, wait 30 second, replace the battery and turn the instrument on.


Although a top quality product, certain precautions are required for any electronic instrument :

Avoid exposure to all liquids and excessive humidity.

Avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Do not expose the instrument to direct sunlight.

Do not attempt to disassemble the caliper for extended periods of time.