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HYUNDAI/TUCSON 輪胎套筒 (Dr. 1/2, L: 85 mm, M21)

•   Plastic insert to protect the surface of the wheel bolts.


•   Rotating outside plastic sleeve to protect the rims when screwing the wheel bolts – no aluminium corrosion through prevention of scratches.


•   Application: HYUNDAI i30, Tucson and KIA, and   HINO truck year 2003~2006 or after year 2010.


•   Long design.


•   With borehole for locking pin or safety spring and grove for O-ring.


•   Total length (for E-Class): 86 mm


•   Drive: Square, hollow 12.5 mm (1/2 inch)


•   Diameter d2 (drive side): 31 mm


•   Genuine no.: 103251, S23401-11840-A