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方向機舵桿扳手 (35~45 mm)

•   Head application: Ø35~ Ø45

•   Head OD: Ø89

•   Hollow body Length 400mm

•   Hex part on the end of tool: work with 27mm hex wrench or Dr. 1/2″ wrench.

•   Function: remove and replace the axial joint.



Step 1. The hollow body allows the track rod to be passed in until the axial joint touches the head part of this tool.


Step 2. Choose a 27mm spanner or Dr. 1/2″ socket to work the end of this tool, turn it anticlockwise to loosen the axial joint.


Step 3. Replace a new axial joint and track rod by the same manner as in step 2, and turn the tool, clockwise for fastening.