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This compressor is suitable for the disassembly and maintenance of all kinds of shock absorbers. Moreover, it’s also suitable for the stiffer shock absorber of SUV.

Such as: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Lexus, Infinity……etc.




1. Please operate this compressor in a proper place to keep your own safety.


2. Please wear proper protective equipment, glasses when operating.


3. When operating, please do NOT touch the shock absorber, the upper and lower fixing jaw and lower supporting base of this compressor.


4. Please operate this compressor by a proper-trained mechanic.


5. Before operating, you MUST close the safety guard and lock the safety guard with the pin.


6. When compressing the spring, please do NOT compress the spring to coils touch.


7. If any part of this compressor is damage, please do NOT operate this compressor.


8. Do NOT leave a compressor which is compressing a spring, and please do NOT compress the spring for a long period.


9. Before operating, please inject the lubricant into the lubricate hole of the upper fixing base to avoid the over-wearing of the copper sleeves.