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萬用型輪軸拔卸器(4孔&5孔) (油壓式&滑鎚式)

•   Material of Main Body: SCM440.


•   Hardness: HRC 35°~40°


•   Pulls 4 & 5 bolts front hub on most vehicles easily.


•   P.C.D. range: Ø96-126mm


•   Application:

4H: TOYOYA, HONDA, ACCORD, MITSUBISHI…, most of Japanese vehicle

5H: BENZ, BMW, AUDI, VW,…etc, most European vehicle


•   The slide hammer is 22.02 pounds.  


•   This tool is used with pump, such as H.C.B-A1052-6, H.C.B-B1129, H.C.B-A3036, H.C.B-B3036.