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•   Universal application of step disc fits many kinds of different vehicles.

•   Easy work to remove and install for:

Bearing bush.

Silent bearing.

Hydraulic bearing.

Rubber bearing.

•   Force Screw-L: 450mm(4 pieces)(with 27mm HEX nut): M10 x P1.5/M12 x P2.0/M14 x P2.0/M16x P2.5.

•   External Sleeve Diameter

•   Sleeve’A'(11 pcs) Gold: D44 x d34/D46 x d36/D54 x d44/D56 x d46/D58 x d48/D66 x d56/D68 x d58/D70 x d60/D78 x d68/D80 x d70/D82 x d72.

•   Sleeve ‘B’ (9 pcs) Silver: D48 x d38/D50 x d40/D52 x d42/D60 x d50/D62 x d52/D64 x d54/D72 x d62/D74 x d64/D76 x d66.