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VAUXHALL/OPEL 防盜螺絲套筒組 (20 PCS)

•   Applications : Agila, Astra F/G/H, Calibra, Corsa B/C/D, Meriva, Omega B, Signum, Speedster, Tigra A/B, Vectra B/C, Zafira A/B.


•   Designed for use with a conventional 17mm wheel nut socket and power bar. 


•   Do not use with impact tools.


•   OEM no.ref.: Z16512-181, Z16512-182, Z16512-183, Z16512-184, Z16512-185, Z16512-186, Z16512-187, Z16512-188, Z16512-189, Z16512-190, Z16512-191, Z16512-192, Z16512-193, Z16512-194, Z16512-195, Z16512-196, Z16512-197, Z16512-198, Z16512-199, Z16512-200.