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BENZ & BMW 自由輪輔助器

•   The free wheeling mechanism is used for transporting vehicles with failed ISM.


•   Raise vehicle(on lift or using vehicle jack) and remove either the left or right rear wheel.


•   Install the Free wheeling adapter to the rear axle of the vehicle with the five supplied Allen screws and tighten to a torque of 80Nm


•   Mount the original vehicle wheel to the Free wheeling adapter using the original wheel bolts and torque to 80 Nm


•   With the free wheeling adapter installed, the vehicle can now be rolled to a desired location or onto a flatbed vehicle transporter without any difficulty


•   Application:

BENZ Model :164.122/125/175/177/186/822/825/871/251.122/125/165/175/177

BMW Model : F01.F02.F07.F10.F11.F12.F13.F25.F30.F31.F32.F33.F34