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傳動軸 (輪軸) 螺牙修復器(9PCS)

•   This tool set accesses axle threads on spindles of eight popular die sizes for both cleaning and rethreading work.

•   Special twist shape provides an easier & quicker work.

1. Application: When the axle screw is damaged or with rust.

2. Die Sizes
M20 x 1.25 ; M20 x 1.50
M22 x 1.00 ; M22 x 1.50
M24 x 1.50 ; M24 x 2.00
13/16″ x 20 UNEF; 3/4″ x 20 UNEF
Extension bar (OD: 27mm)

3. Technical Data
Die Material: SCM440; Hardness: 45~48 degree.
Extension bar: Material-S45C ; HRC:38-43 degree.

4. Instruction:
Step 1: Remove the wheel axle nut.
Step 2: Choose a suitable die from the 8 pieces provided.
Step 3: Screw the die onto axle spindle, then connect extension bar with the die.
Step 4 : Using wrench or torque wrench for rethreading work.